Today’s prompt was to write an answer poem. I came up with two, though the second one really took more time than I should have taken. Almost late to work today. ^_^


How Are You?

Everyone says “good,”
whether they really are
or not,
or “fine, just fine.”

And sometimes when I say
fine or good or whatever
I say
I am not really fine,
I am more
or less
or a combination of things
all at once
that cannot really be
answered in a single word,
not in a sentence,
nor a poem,
nor even a novel
at times.

So I say, “Fine,
I’m fine, thank you.
And you?”

Just Answer the Question

1 or 2?
A or B?
In or Out?
On or Off?
Yes or No?
Hit or Miss?
Wet or Dry?
Pale or Tan?
Pass or Fail?
Live or Die?
Hot or Cold?
Rent or Buy?
Land or Sea?
Up or Down?
Win or Lose?
Rich or Poor?
Love or Hate?
Day or Night?
Give or Take?
Laugh or Cry?
Work or Play?
Sun or Shade?
Jazz or Blues?
War or Peace?
Happy or Sad?
Coffee or Tea?
Young or Old?
Coke or Pepsi?
Soup or Salad?
Dead or Alive?
Lost or Found?
Vice or Virtue?
Dusk or Dawn?
Fact or Fiction?
North or South?
Black or White?
Try or Give Up?
Knit or Crochet?
Open or Closed?
Better or Worse?
Fight or Give In?
Hero or Coward?
Grass or Garden?
Hope or Despair?
Noise or Silence?
Lunch or Dinner?
Tough or Tender?
Always or Never?
Holiday or Work?
Awake or Asleep?
Entree or Combo?
Common or Rare?
Dressed or Naked?
Interesting or Dull?
Car or Motorcycle?
Formal or Informal?
Brave or Frightened?
At Home or Abroad?
Breakfast or Brunch?
Locked or Unlocked?
Pancakes or Waffles?
Talk Radio or Music?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Compact or Mid-size?
Arrivals or Departures?
Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Sweet or Unsweetened?
Half-Empty or Half-Full?
Come In or Do Not Disturb?
Condominium or Apartment?
Morning Person or Night Owl?
Upside-down or Right-side-up?
Clockwise or Counterclockwise?





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