Autumn in the Desert + Haiku

It is a beautiful day today – the weather is finally turning here in Arizona, and I am delighted to drive to work with the windows down and the AC off. It is only 74 F (24C) and though it will probably be in the 90s (33C) this afternoon, I can’t help but enjoy the temperatures under 100.

I look out the window of my office and can see the trees on the golf course, occasional golf carts drive by, and there is a pair of birds, doves, that perch on one of the trees. I hope those branches never fall down because they give me a perfect view into the lives of those doves.

The person that was mad at me earlier this week has decided to let it go and we are friends again. This is another big reason to feel good.

I hope you all have a lovely day too. ^_^

Blazing blue the sky
Embracing the yellow sun
How green the grass glows

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