Appropriately, for Halloween the prompt is “Creepy.”  I wrote two, one of an imagined danger, one not so imaginary.

And just as a reminder, tomorrow begins November’s poem-a-day challenge at the Poetic Asides blog. This means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. If I get on a roll some days I write more than just one a day. You might check it out. It’s enormous fun if you like to play with words!

Now on the the spooky stuff!


Movement in the dark
Heart pounding I look again
It’s just a mirror



A woman alone must take precautions
that men don’t often know they must.
Even a simple shopping trip
can turn into
a nightmare
so easily
if someone behaves
a little too

I noticed him following me from
lane to lane
and decided I must be
imagining it.

So I went to the opposite side of the store
just to reassure myself.

But he still followed.

He looked average enough,
and I never caught him staring
but I was aware
and frightened
as only a woman alone
can be.

I checked out.

He was at the other lane
and got done just before me.

He had a smirk on his face,
and I didn’t like his certainty
because though he had said nothing
and done nothing overt,
I had a bad feeling.

So I asked the store manager
to have someone walk me to my car
because someone had been following me
and I felt uncomfortable about it.

He was happy to, and in fact, had two of them
accompany me
and they helped me unload
my squash and milk
and hamburger buns
and canned spinach
and paper towels.

And just when I’d started to feel foolish,
as if to affirm my senses,
the creeper zoomed out of the parking lot
high speed
tires squealing
deprived of his prey.

At least today.





3 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. Ohh. That is creepy. Hope it wasn’t a personal experience or anything!

    Looking forward to joining you for the November Asides poetry again. More Dominotions on hand I think?

    • Yes! More Dominotions! More poetry! I love November!! ^_^

      And yes, that was a real experience. :/ But it happened many years ago. Still gives me a little chill – it pays to be aware of ones surroundings!!

  2. 😯 Yeeh! *shudders* Brr…I don’t even want to think about this! I will be more aware of my surroundings from now on!

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