The first prompt of the November poem-a-day challenge is “Matches.”

Here is my offering:


Playing with Matches

Age: 7
Playing cards,
The game is Old Maid.
Finding matches with the boy
who lives next door.
Sure, he’s kind of stinky,
but fun to play with.

Age: 18
Playing with fire
The game is Hearts.
Finding matches in the local
high school.
Sure they’re all kind of dumb,
but they’re fun to play with.

Age: 21
Playing hide and seek
The game is Gin.
Finding matches in the
corner bar.
Shopping the meat market for
the exact right one.

Age: 25
Playing for keeps
The game is Texas Hold ‘em.
Found your perfect match
and staying at home
is more fun than you’d
ever imagined.

Age: 35
Playing with the big kids
The game is Craps.
Finding him matched with another
is the worst feeling
in the world

Age: 40
Playing the field
The game is Roulette
Finding the matching scene
is worse than the

Age: 45
Playing for change.
The game is Uno.
Finding a match is impossible,
better to just be comfortable
in ones own skin.

Age: 50
Playing by heart.
The game is Stud Poker.
Finding a match at this age
is a miracle that you’re
happy to accept.

Age: 75
Playing alone.
The game is solitaire.
Finding a match is not necessary,
you’ve already had it all.
You’ll join him when you’re done.

Age: 87
Game over.


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