Just Beneath_________

The prompt today, in the November poem-a-day challenge, to write a poem beginning, “Just Beneath_______”

I chose to write a Dominotion, a form invented last year at the November challenge. ^_^

Just Beneath

Just beneath the cage, quite near,
beats a rhythm one can hear,
where the seat of my affection,
it is simply my connection.
So it beats on year by year;
my heart.

There it beats, beneath that cage
which does not protect nor assuage
the pain or joy, that I may find,
my rib-cage just is not designed
to block the pain or joy engage
in my heart.

With its easy syncopation
and a subtle soft vibration
that accompanies my life,
my every breath through fun and strife
toward its eventual cessation,
my heart.

Just beneath the surface lies
emotion’s heart in body’s guise.
Trust in it when e’er you wonder
what to do, and when you ponder,
listen to its soft advice,
your heart.


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