Text Message Poem

Now this was a fun idea. The November Poem-a-Day prompt today was to write a text message poem.

Here is my attempt:


Mom’s Eye View

At your brother’s Army Graduation.

Wow, band is really loud.

Too bad you aren’t here, cute girl at 11:00.

Hold on, there they are!!!!!!!

They are so…

Crying my eyes out.

Very proud. This is awesome.

Going to meet them now. Byeeee!

Okay, big crowd=slow going.

Looking…I see him! He looks very grown up.

He looks just like you.


6 thoughts on “Text Message Poem

  1. Gosh, this is just so sweet. I know what you’re feeling, too, because I felt the same way when my eldest graduated from Annapolis. Very emotional.

    • This was channeled from when my youngest graduated from the Army this June. 😀 I wish his brothers HAD been there, too. And I really did cry my eyes out. ^_^

    • Isn’t it funny the relationship between brothers? I have three sons and they are all so different, yet so bonded. They TORTURED each other as kids, and still do at every opportunity, yet they love each other… Boys are weird, but I still like ’em. 😀 Thanks Mosk.

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