Circles II

Another poem came bubbling up, forgive the pun. ^_^

 How to Have Fun 

With a loop, metal or plastic
or even made of pipecleaner,
dip in the soapy water
and blow through the

Sometimes one
and sometimes just a few
little ones jumping out,
solitary and staid,
and sometimes
a long skein of bubbles
flying forth in a crazy-long
line, tangling
mixing together and joining/separating

The dog will try to bite them,
more serious than playful:
they are his mortal enemy.

The cat will be curious,
of course,
and reach delicately with nose
or paw
and once splattered
will scatter
to a corner to (huffily)
clean the moisture

The children will laugh and giggle
try to catch or pop
or herd
the bubbles,
always begging for more,
let me try!!


4 thoughts on “Circles II

    • 😀 Thanks Misky! I’ve seen the bubbles from both sides – as child who couldn’t get enough and as the adult facilitator. ^_^ (Plus, it was probably time for another “bubble” poem on my drift. ^_^)

  1. So much fun. This piece has made my day. Nothing better than bubbles, and a little silliness. Love this:

    The word “tenormoush” is in the middle there, and I think I shall steal if for my new word for very, very big. 😉

    • Hahahaha! I will have to add it to my lexicon as well. Funny that after a sad thought-provoking thought, my first impulse is to write something silly and bright. ^_^ You do that too, sometimes, and I totally get it.

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