Prompt 7 in the November Poem-a-Day challenge is Circles – to use a circle or circles in a poem.

(And by the way, it’s not too late to join in on the fun if you like poeming or poetry! Stop on by and try the prompts! It’s fun, and the people are friendly!)

Circular Thinking

Before I learned better,
my thoughts often took
when I least expected it.

I would be grocery shopping
or gardening,
or getting dressed,
and my thoughts would wander
into some bizarre “what-if”

I would think, “what if
the reason my husband was
late last night was really because
he’s having an affair?”

From there, the train of
(un)reason would wander
the countryside,
making up
scenarios that became more
and more
as the day passed.

By evening, I would be
so worked up, that when my husband
finally got home again,
I would demand an explanation
for his behavior.

And his answer would be

And I simply had to learn:
Just because it happened before
does not mean it will happen

And I had to learn to break
that cycle,
that devious circle,
believing my own wayward
as if they were true
and real
without any outside

And that is why I write


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