Poem-a-Day – Day 10 – Foreign Words

The prompt today was to use a foreign word in a poem. I thought long and hard about this one, and finally just made myself start to write words, play with them. That was enough to my sleepy muse wake up and throw me a  bone.

Have Mercy


“Merci,” she said, in such a clever-sounding

French accent.




I wished I was half so clever

and even a quarter so beautiful.


Her hair was short, glossy,

chic: adorable.


But then I took another look.


It was not that she was

all that pretty, really.

But she had such an air

about her,

one of savoir-fair

and confidence.


Her makeup was minimal

and her clothing was really

nothing that special,


when she spoke,

looked up, flashed her

smile (slightly crooked teeth),

people changed around her.


They saw her as beautiful

because that is how she saw



Her confidence was all the difference,

and a powerful lesson

to me.





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