Veterans – PaD day 10

Today’s prompt was to write about veterans from the veteran’s perspective. For inspiration, I watched “Inside the Iraq War” from the Nat Geo channel. So yeah, this is a real story about the human face of war.



They destroy their own buildings
you know.

They blow off the roof and
then destroy the staircases
in the houses
so we have to go
where they want us to go.

So there we are, like
rats in a maze
and they built the maze.
and we have to search
inside for survivors,
waiting for the trap that will
blow someone’s legs off
or find the kid who
turns out to have a rifle.

One of ‘em, he was just a kid,
he wounded one of my guys,
and we shot at him, of course.

But when he went down,
I went to help him.
I couldn’t leave him there.
And his hand came up,
and he brushed my hair,
and he touched my cheek
and looked at me.

This was one of the worst moments of my life
because he was a person,
fighting for his life.
And I took it.


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