Stuck – November PaD, day 14

Half-way there, the prompt today was to write a “stuck” poem. I went with a “stuck-in-a-state-of-mind” thought, and the result is below.

Mirror, Mirror…

A Trap of the Mind

(Who is the Fairest of Them All?)

The evil queen in the Snow White tale
wants to be the fairest of them all.
And for years she keeps that title (by
hook or by crook) until the day young
Snow White reaches her maturity.

The queen should have known better than to
compete with someone at least twenty
years her junior, but she is stuck in
a state of mind that ties her worth to
how beautiful and youthful she looks.

What happened to the days when a
woman was content to live her life:
and happily
be what she is with all of the at-
tendant pros and cons to each estate?

What happened to our world where women
sincerely believe they are only
worthwhile if they are young and pretty?
And so many buy into that mindset,
men (trophy wives) and children too.

There is more to us than that.
There is more to life than that.

Poor queen, stuck in that peculiar
mind trap, she finally has to change
herself into a crone at last to
bewitch Snow White. But Snow White’s time as
a maiden has come, and so she is
rescued and the queen fades away in-
to obscurity and finally, death.

How much better would it be to just
accept and embrace what comes with age:
wisdom, surety, peace, love, grace
humility, and the knowledge that
the maiden today is the mother
tomorrow and finally, eventually,
the most beautiful of all, the crone.


2 thoughts on “Stuck – November PaD, day 14

  1. Diana, this is wonderful.
    I especially love:
    “be what she is with all of the at”
    EXCELLENT enjambment there, my friend.

    Personally, I find staying away from mirrors (and looking at photos of myself) as often as possible helps greatly. Nobody lookin’ at me is nearly as critical as me. 😉

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