Paradise – November PaD, day 22

Happy Thanksgiving, at least to those of you who celebrate it!

Our prompt today is to write a poem about paradise. I’ve written two, one is a haiku and one is a bit longer!



Good book, comfy chair,
Stormy day, fire burning,
my love beside me.


To Go Back in Time

What I wish is to go
back to the time when
you were still alive.

Back to carefree
summer days
and long starlit nights
and deep, yet somehow
still carefree
talks with you.

I would ask you about
your childhood,
back around the turn of the century
and you would tell me
about the homestead in Missouri
and about the train ride to Oregon
when you were just a girl.

You would show me pictures
tintypes and old-fashioned photos
of family members, and you would
list their names until I began to
recognize them for myself.

Here was your brother Alvin,
who died in the Great War.
He was only 21 when he died, back in 1919.

Here was your father,
eyes blazing, full beard, and
the father of twenty-two children.
(After his first wife died,
he married your mother, and she had
twelve more children.)

And pictures of you and your mother
and your daughter, my grandmother.

It was strange how your eyes,
her eyes,
my mother’s eyes,
all looked like
the same eyes.

Oh, how I miss you.
It would be paradise
to see you again.

And now that I think about it,
it probably will be paradise
where I see you again.



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