The Truth About _____ – November PaD Day 24

I wrote two truth poems today – one about TV and the other about Black Friday, both topics having much to do with the past holiday.  ^_^


The Truth About TV

Yes, if you have a cable
or Dish package
(or even basic cable, to be honest),
there is always something
for everyone
at any time of the day or night.
TV has a huge
of network and cable shows
and one could spend
twenty-four hours a day,
seven days a week,
finding something
they enjoy at least a little.

But the truth is,
it all depends on
who holds the remote.


The Truth About Black Friday

I have a theory
that all of those folks
who participate (willingly)

In Training

in the Black Friday
are actually quite aware
of what may or may not happen
regardless of the wide-eyed
expressions of horror
and dismay.

I believe they know
what they are getting into,
much like those who choose
to run with the bulls
at Pamplona,
and those who dive off cliffs
and race fast cars,
they know they might be
or may even be

It’s all part of the sport.


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