Opposite – November PaD day 25

Write from the opposite perspective” of one of your earlier poems this month. I chose to write the opposite perspective of my “How To” poem from day 17.

This is taken from actual experience, both as a child and as an adult, watching people managing their relationships. Some of these relationships were close to family members, so I got an eyeful on occasion. O_o


You’re fooling around, I know it!
You must be!!
So I’m gonna go through
everything you own,
just to find PROOF
of what I think is actually happening.

And if I do find that “proof,”
(A restaurant receipt? A hotel room?
A gift to someone I don’t know?)
then I’m gonna call
and harangue you
all day at work. I will
never let you go. Ever.
I will always be
shrill and angry.
You will always have to
hang up on me,
fueling my rage even further.

I might insist that you
buy me presents
or take me places
or quit your job
because there are too many
beautiful people that you might like
who I see as threatening.

I will never look inside myself
to find that something might
be wrong,
I will always blame you
and despise you
and drag you down
into this morass of
with me.

This is how I will
prove my love to you.
This is how I can keep you
forever, even though
I hate you.

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