Workplace Adversity, November PaD, day 28

Almost to the end of a solid month of poeming, I am tired and ready for it to be over. However, I also know from past experience that I will feel lost for a few days with no poems and I know I will miss it. ^_^

The prompt today was to write about workplace adversity, which I have done below.

Happiness in the Workplace
(Or: It’s not Always Where you Work)

At first, the hardest part
is learning everyone’s names.
And then, finding out how to
navigate your way around,
be you in an office or a forest;
becoming at home in your surroundings
is key.

Of course, things are always
much more difficult
when there are challenging people
that you must work with
or report to.

Kids in school think that having
a harsh, strict, or unkind teacher
is just not fair,
but in reality,
those types of people really do
help prepare one for
working with or even
simply dealing with
certain other people.
One must learn
to deal with that kind of challenge

And in all honesty, challenging people
aren’t that difficult,
once one learns what motivates them.

My challenging boss only wants
things to be right, and so do I,
so we see eye-to-eye most days.
I had another boss in the past
who really only wanted to
mess with me and upset my world.

Of course, that is why he is in my past.



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