In the Company of ______

Wednesday poetry prompt 200! And though I cannot claim to have done every one, I have done many, many of them!

Today we must write a poem beginning: In the Company of _____ – I have two here. One is perhaps more suited to Halloween, yet at the end of the year, it seems right somehow. The other is more of a wish to be better at this craft. ^_^

Genova, Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno

In the Company of the Undead

Dry bones, dusty and
acrid with the patina
and scent of
years long

They rattle as I move,
and I try not to move too much
so as not to disturb
their slumber,
though I am half-asleep
awake in only the most
subliminal sense.

Still, my mind is not asleep,
and I wonder if this,
this is the actual fate of those
with insomnia
and busy minds that are never still.
Is it my destiny to really

I surely don’t belong here,
here I am,
surrounded by
the emptiness
and hollow sound
of me not breathing,
my heart not beating,
again trying to fit in
and not wake the rest
of the dead.

Sleepy Muse

In the Company of My Betters

How can I explain? I feel
like a poser
at times.
And maybe somehow,
I figure
if I practice
a lot
and rub shoulders
with giants,
then, someday
maybe, with some hard work
and lots of inspiration,
I might be as fine
a poet
as you
talented people.



7 thoughts on “In the Company of ______

  1. Never wait for that ‘on high’ voice from the top of some pedestal to tell you that you are talented or ready. Flex your wings and fly, if someone, somewhere likes it, you are ready. I’ve recently come to that realization and am doing my darndest to spread my wings and leap from the nest. I am a writer, I plan to be a publisher and the only people who can tell me I’m ready are those who see what I present and give their time and money to enjoy what I’ve provided. I hope I enjoy the trip because I refuse to turn back now. Never doubt yourself D. you are talented.

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