The prompt today was to write about forever. Coincidentally, I learned about the state of zazen today. The two ideas seemed a good match to me.  ^_^

Forever I

In a moment of zazen

I contemplate the universe.
From myself, seated and silent,
my soul soars upward,
my mind’s eye sees me,
in my house,
in my neighborhood
surrounded by others like mewild roses
and by other lives; flowers, trees
dogs, cats, birds.

And outward from there,
I hover over the desert,
and above that I soar,
mountains, plains,
further and further, until the landscape
into a sea of green, brown, gold
white capped mountainsEarth
stormy seas,
the continents below me
and above, endless sky.

Wars battling below,
One side victorious,
destroying the others,
carrying them away.

And further I rise
until the marble of earth
lies below, the glimmering
moon along-side.
Sun, planets moons,
and beyond the solar system,

Who knows what lies without?

The universe awaits.


Forever II

In a moment of zazen

I contemplate the universe
from myself, seated and silent
my soul soars inward.

My mind’s eye sees me,
and inside me, the organs eye-iris
and bones and muscles
that make me tick,
that give me life.

And then I explore the blood,
the fluids, lymphatic fluids
tears, sweat, spinal fluid,
the way they
interact, interrelate,
feed and nurture each other
and me.

Wars, battling inside me,
white blood cells
attacking invaders,
other cells carrying off
broken waste.

And deeper still,
my cells,
each with a purpose
and a plan, lent by DNA’sDNA
spiraling in and down,
and the cells’ nucleus
smaller still,

Who knows what lies within?

The universe awaits.

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