Today’s prompt, Animal, wanted me to go only one direction, and so, reluctantly, I went there. This is not my life, but let us say I have brushed shoulders with this life…

Fist Mark by zaldy icaonapo

Fist Mark by zaldy icaonapo


He is out of control.
He screams,
never hesitates,
even when he’s wrong,
it doesn’t matter
(Get me my belt.)
what they’ve done
(There are spots on these dishes!!)
or what he thinks
(Who didn’t flush the toilet?!?!)
they’ve done.
(Why can’t I have any peace?!?!)

He acts like he has
over them,
mental, physical,

He is strong and threatening
and his power seems real;
their bruises prove his strength.

They believe it, they are weak,
but sometimes there is a breaking point
even for the meek.

Finally one day,
when he returns home
it is to an empty house:
no wife
no kids
no dog, even.Mother and child

They are gone
and he rages.

Interstate flight
to far-flung-family
he does not know them
(never cared to know)
distant cousins of hers.
They are welcome
and they begin again.

It’s not too late to heal from
the damage the animal has done.


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