Knocking Wood

The prompt for today’s poetry challenge was to write a Knocking Wood poem. It is a superstition, in case you didn’t know, that is supposed to prevent ill fortune. I have seen otherwise reasonable people make certain of their luck by knocking wood surreptitiously. ^_^

I did this in the Pantoum form, just for fun.


Knock Wood

Fire, plague or for common goodKnock on Wood
or to prevent some calamity,
and amend our misfortune, knocking wood
will help to preserve our sanity.

In the event of calamity
there’s only one thing we can do
that helps to preserve our sanity,
touch or knock wood (or bamboo).

It is true, the one thing we can do
if we do not want a catastrophe
touch or knock wood (or bamboo)
to stall pain or sorrow or bankruptcy.

We don’t want some kind of catastrophe
fire, plague or something not good.
So stop pain or sorrow or bankruptcy;
to amend all misfortune: knock wood.


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