Walking II

Here is the second for today – a little piece of Stephen King fan fic. ^_^


The Walkin’ Dude

Randall Flagg,
they call him here,
though he has so many names,
other monikers from all the other places
he is known.

The clocking of the worn down
heels of his scruffy cowboy boots on
wet pavement (though whether it’s water from the
weeping stones, or something far more sinister is questionable)
is also known.

You feel that spike of dread
at his avid grin, the skulls of fire dancing
in his eager gaze, and though at first you might think
you’ll be okay, in truth, the outcome of this encounter is already

And all that is left for you now,
is to hope that something, anything at all,
distracts him from what he is probably intending to do to you
right now (oh god) but it’s too late because here (have mercy) God
is unknown.


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