Today is the first day of the Aprili poem-a-day challenge. I will, as in past years, post at least one poem per day this month. Some years are more difficult than others, depending on how busy life gets!

The prompt for this first day is to write an arrival poem. I wrote this triolet with a sideways look at arrival.

000 Fairy

Spring Request

Mermaids, pixies, banshees, sprites and elves
The world won’t see your revels more
For spring this year, please just bring yourselves
Brownies, nixies, dryads, sprites and elves
Tales of old from dusty books on shelves,
Dreary the thought: you are gone from this shore
Hamadryads, satyrs, sprites and elves
This world will not see your revels more


The second and last lines were inspired by a line in Jane Eyre when she and Mr. Rochester are discussing faerie:  ” I don’t think either summer or harvest, or winter moon, will ever shine on their revels more.”

And if this poem-a-day thing sounds like a fun challenge, do join us! Follow this link for the rules: April Poem-a-Day Challenge  Guidelines.

And this link to dive right in! April 1 – April PaD Challenge


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