The challenge for this third day of April poetry month was to write a tentative poem.

Whisper Soft

When I look back to the
younger version of me,
I sometimes wonder how
I got by at all.

Who was that uncertain,
shy, whisper soft,
bewildered girl?

Who was this stranger
who didn’t know
who she was
or what she wanted
or how much she could do?

Who was this person
who let others walk
over her and who
actually listened when they
told her how to live
her life?

The very trials that
were the torment of that life
turn out to be
the very things
that made me into the
that I am now.

How I wish I could
whisper soft in my own ear
the encouragement
I needed
back then.

2 thoughts on “Tentative

    • Guys are naturally tougher on themselves. And they say hindsight is 20/20. But still, I would take you upon that time machine offer! ^_^ Thanks Mosk.

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