Today’s prompt was to write a poem using the word “post.” Much to do today, this is my offering:


…As a Post

My mother’s husband,
his last name is Post.
And the grandchildren love to poke fun.
When grandpa can’t hear them
they giggle and boast, and say,
“Grandpa is deaf as a…”

No, no, little children,
you shouldn’t mock,
don’t laugh at grandpa,
and don’t put up a squawk.

Their little dog, Poppy,Old Fence Post by Kecia O'Sullivan
will run wild and bark
and can easily get quite confused.
She acts so goofy,
the kids laugh and point, and say,
“Poppy is dumb as a … “

No, no little children,
you shouldn’t be mean.
Poppy’s a good dog,
so please don’t demean.

Their cat is named Jean Claude,
He’s sleek and well groomed.
He’s a hunter who likes to catch mice.
And when he presents them
the kids solemnly say,
“That mouse is dead as a …”

No, no little children,
you don’t want to offend.
Let’s all just say that
this mouse met his end.

Thank goodness my mother
and her husband, dear,
have a sense of humor about it.
They easily laugh off
the kids poking fun, saying,
“Those kids are a cute as a Post.”


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