Today’s prompt was to write an instructional poem. This is already day 8 of the April Poem-a-Day challenge. This gets more fun each year. ^_^

How to Raise a Rebel

Show up.
Have pets.
Give hugs.
Learn CPR.
Laugh. A lot.
Lead by example.
Unconditional love.
Be their superhero.
Show her museums.
Take them on vacation.
Never talk in baby-talk.
Make him earn that car.
Watch them in the water.
Make her think for herself.
Take time for yourself, too.
Teach him to follow recipes.
Challenge his belief system.
Don’t say, “Because I said so.”
Let her be sad when she’s sad.
Make time for one-on-one time.
Show them how to forgive freely.
Teach him to do his own laundry.
Don’t let her show too much skin.
Punish appropriately to the crime.
Let her pick the music sometimes.
Don’t give him everything he wants.
Give him chores; make him do them.
Make him sign up for teams or clubs.
Hold her when she has a broken heart.
Be willing to compromise occasionally.
Give her extra money if she works for it.
Give an allowance, not based on chores.
They need reasons for things. Give them.
Let him choose his own clothes, crazy or not.
Yes, your teenager has to go on vacation, too.
Never allow the word “hate” to be flung about.
Let them choose their own drinks at McDonalds.
Stand up for him to his teachers, but be realistic.
Have meals together every day, and talk to them.
Know who their friends are. Invite them to dinner.
Listen when they’re talking. It could be important.
Teach them to know what they want and how to get it.
Talk about your past; they need to know you have one.
When you criticize people, they learn to be critical too.
Talk about their future; they need to know they have one.
If you pay her cell phone bill, she has to answer your calls.
Teach her to change her own tire and jump start her battery.
They may complain, but secretly, they want you to be strict.
Take them to the funeral; they need to know that life is finite.
Even if you do everything right, sometimes you fail. Forgive yourself.


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