The prompt for this 19th day of the poem-a-day challenge is to write a ‘burn’ poem. I have a couple here today. There were too many ideas, I couldn’t help it!

How to Start a Fire
(advice for new lovers)

Prepare carefully.
Have everything you need
at hand
before you begin.

Plenty of oxygen is essential,
as is plenty of tinder,
but try not to use too much;
things will burn quickly, and
if it is too quick,
everything will be over too soon.

Sometimes, that is too
discouraging to try again.

Don’t give up;
some fires are slower to start
than others.
Take your time.

And have a bucket of water
in case things get
out of control.


Once you have wings
just remember not to fly
too close to the sun

2 thoughts on “Burn

  1. Great advice for every lover.Thank you for liking my post ( our anniversary ).Regards.jalal

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