The prompt for day 20 of the poem-a-day challenge is to use the word, “Beyond.”

This one took some time and thought. I’m not sure I’m quite happy with it yet, but this is what I’ve got.


Beyond the Ramparts

If I look beyond the ramparts
and down into the valley,
beyond all my father’s vanguards,
to the place we go to dally.

I know father would be so angry
if he knew where I sometimes go
but I find myself longing and hungry
for what father does not know.

So I get my basket for flowers,
my cloak and sturdiest shoes,
and go wander the valley for hours
looking for flowers and you.

And sometimes, if so fortune favors
we will find each other there.
We kiss, as the friendliest neighbors,
and you pull the pins from my hair.

And oh, how the time swiftly hurries
as over the hillsides we roam
We often forget all our worries,
until it is time to go home.

My father is getting suspicious.
He’s starting to have me watched.
The thing is, he’s also ambitious,
and the last match he made is all botched.

If your folks would have a discussion
with father, maybe he’ll deal.
If he learns of the repercussion,
my pregnancy, our love we’ll seal,

Then perhaps he will reconsider
his senseless antipathy,
selling me to the highest bidder.
Perhaps he will give you to me.


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