Prompt today was Complex – and GAAH, SO BUSY! That is why this is all there is. A little silly, but, well, a busy mind is a silly mind I suppose. ^_^



A hive of honeybees,
careful and sure,
pollinate flowers and
make honey pure.

A mound of termites,
with labor and grit,
build enormous palaces,
because they commit.

Wasps all freely work on
the nest they all build.
Building their nest,
their destiny fulfilled.

Ants are the masters of
underground lairs.
The burrow and delve and
all commonly share.

And all of these critters
are social and free
to live in their dwellings
just as you and as me.

So on this new earth day
in twenty-thirteen,
let’s all make a promise
to try and live “green.”


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