I’m getting ready to go on a trip, just me and a girlfriend actually, and we’re going to New York City. I should totally be packing right now, but this is part of my strategy for packing for a trip. First, I get the suitcase and take all the leftover stuff from the last trip out of it. Then I go look into my closet. Then I go look at the suitcase.

Then I go downstairs and have some pizza. Then go to the washer and see if it’s done yet. Then back up to stare at the suitcase some more. Then, I come downstairs and get on the computer to check New York weather. Then, I get distracted and go play on Facebook for a minute, which turns into longer. Then I get up and go stare at my still empty suitcase and start putting t-xhirts and pants in it. Then I look in and realize that all my good fitting clothes are black, white, or gray. And I think that this is terrible, I will look like I’m going to a funeral, and then I remember that in New York, black is the new black. Then I dig in my drawer for some colorful shirts.

Then I go put the laundry in the dryer and realize I have a blue shirt, but it needs hemming, so I go into the sewing room and sew for a while. (3 shirts, one nightgown.) Then I go throw the nightgown into the dryer to get the lint off it. Back upstairs, stare into my suitcase. Now there is black, gray, white, blue and one bright green t-shirt. Then I realize I haven’t even started with shoes. I decide to post on my blog.

It goes on like this for a long time… LOL I expect to get to bed about 2 hours before I have to get up. Every time I promise myself I won’t do it again… I make myself laugh. ^_^

I don't know, do I need the flippers?

I don’t know, do I need the flippers?


4 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Heeheehee. I should be packing too. I leave for D.C. on Friday. I’ll totally leave it till Thursday night though.

    Have fun in NYC!! NYC is magical. ๐Ÿ™‚

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