Okay – we’re here now, finally, after many airplanes and terminals and travel. It is really exhausting to travel, and the only “up” side to all that travel is that you only have to deal with the TSA goons once, then you’re home free past the grope-stations.

We played crossword puzzles on my nook for much of the flights. The only puzzles that made us cross were the “Hard” ones because the answers always seemed so counter-intuitive.

We had delicious hamburgers in the Midway terminal at Illinois Bar & Grill – great french fries, too, in case you’re ever stuck waiting for a delayed flight. ^_^

Our taxi driver from LaGuardia was an Indian man (Mr. Gata) who had a namaste sticker on his dashboard. He was very nice, and drove us down Madison Avenue to our great delight. We ventured out for dinner and were taking pictures in front of the NY Public Library, when we did something we had been warned NOT to do. (Repeatedly.) A man and woman came up to us and offered to take our picture if we would then take their picture. Of course we helped out, but warning voices, be aware they were a perfectly adorable Aussie couple who did NOT run off with our camera, and who were very happy to finally have a picture together.

Now to bed. My internal clock is terribly confused –my head is saying it’s only 9:14, but the clock in our room says it’s 0:18. Morning and adventures await. We will try to mostly stay out of trouble. 😉



4 thoughts on “Manhattan

  1. I love NY!! Have a wonderful time, try to eat Italian food in little Italy and don’t forget to buy your tickets for the theater in Time Square! Xoxo I hope we can do dinner when you get home so we can catch up!

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