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What a fun trip we’re having — the walking is exhausting, but it is probably good since I am also eating my head off, trying different foods and such. We found a lovely Belgian cafe we have been eating breakfast at, Le Pain Quotidien, where they have wonderful baked foods, bread and danishes and other delicious things. 

We’ve tried a NY Bagel, of course, at Grand Central Station. Grand Central Station is very cool – somehow both bigger and smaller than I’d imagined. It is  just a train station, after all, but the work that went into it is amazing, the sculptures, the carvings, the stone, wood, marble. Just stunning. The famed ceiling is much lighter than I’d imagined, a kind of turquoise night sky with constellations in gold. 

We saw a play on Broadway, Mamma Mia, which was uplifting and cool – They did a fantastic job, of course, and we enjoyed it very much. Afterward when we went to leave the theater it was pouring down rain, but we’d brought umbrellas and went to have pizza while we waited it out. (Have not had good NY Pizza yet…) Times Square, of course, is right on Broadway, and again, it was much bigger and also somehow smaller than I’d imagined. It is hard to describe what it is like to see things in person that you’ve seen all your life, larger than life, in movies or news, and though I KNOW New York is a gigantic town, and trust me, there were hundreds of thousands on Times Square, somehow, it all seems smaller, more intimate, than I had imagined. Even WITH the 2 story electronic billboard that goes across half a city block… Still. 

We’ve visited Macy’s (twice) and have walked around the outside of the Empire State building. We’ve been on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue for shopping and Rockerfeller plaza. And we’ve met some fun and interesting people too. We were resting our feet on Sunday, sitting in Bryant Park and met a man who was chatting with us. He’d lived in both our home towns, (Phoenix and Orange County) and had come back home to NY. He is out of work, but has hopes of work soon. We discussed current events and the weather and people and other things, and finally went on our way, but it is so funny that even in a big place like this there are individual people who like talking to other people and making friends. 

Last night we had a tour on a clipper ship — we pre-purchased the tickets at half price on a NY deals website — and it was amazing. We went into the harbor at twilight and cruised around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We saw New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, all the sights. Met a musician (Steven) from Liverpool – his lovely girlfriend (Wheelchair bound) and had so much fun. My friend is a photographer, so hopefully, eventually, I will be able to share some of her lovely work with you, but in the meantime, here are a few I snagged with my cell phone. 


2013 May NYC trip 005



2013 May NYC trip 016


2013 May NYC trip 021


2013 May NYC trip 045





5 thoughts on “More NYC

  1. Here’s some quick suggestions:
    If you make it down to Washington Square park ( take bus south till 5th ave ends)
    on the west side of square is McDougal St, make left on McDougal and continue south after two- three blocks on right is Mamouns Falafel great cheap eats there, if you get to Bleeker street you went to far, or Try the Saigon Market ( 93 University Place, 1 block east of 5th ave between 11th+ 12th streets) killer asian food with big portions !!, or on 32nd street between 5th+6th avenues is a whole block of Korean food or next time your in Grand Central Station and you want to try a fantastic but pricey bowl of seafood soup try the Oyster Bar !!!
    Unfortunately my favorite brunch place in Marriot Hotel -World Trade Center was destroyed
    9/11, but still lots of great food to find in NYC !!!

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