Poetry prompt—the first I’ve attempted since the April poem-a-day challenge—is to write a late poem. Kind of apropos since I am late to the month of poeming. (I’ve been busy!) ^_^

Here is my try:



Can you imagine?

Time is Fleeting

Time is Fleeting

I hit every light at red,
or yellow turning red,
all the way to work.

I was positive I was doomed,
fifteen minutes late, and no
real excuse. Plus, I’d rather
just say, “Sorry,” than
come up with something
that sounds like a lie.

But when I arrived, so late,
only one or two other cars
populated the lot.

Everyone was running late today.
So I sit at my desk, looking
virtuously on, as others slip in,
breathless and full of reasons
that end up sounding like lies.


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