Khara’s prompt today was to imagine something that trembles…I wrote a trembling triolet.


In the lane the aspens tremble.
The warrior’s coming home today
and the family has all assembled
in the lane. The aspens tremble,
gold leaves gather, disassemble.
The coffin arrives; we look away.
In the lane the aspens tremble.
The warrior has come home today.

Purple Heart


8 thoughts on “Tremble

  1. As a mom who had a son in Iraq for twice that is a hard poem to read. I am so glad he is out of the Army now and safely home. It hurts to know others were not so blessed. You did a beautiful job with this piece. Thank you.

    • My youngest has just completed training as a drone pilot for the Army. His next duty station is not in harms way, yet he has a long career ahead of him. I have many, many family members who have served, and I used to be a military wife, too. It is a frightening topic, but those who sacrifice all are worthy of our remembrance. Thanks Debi, and thanks to your son for his service.

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