Two prompts – One from Poetic Asides (Entertain) and one from Khara House (More).

My take on them together was perhaps a little askew, but it is what it is.



LOOK and see!
Come soon, don’t go!
And watch the fun
one (wo)man show!

Her bold high dives,
her cries and calls.
She does far more than
climb the walls!

She rants and raves
and runs amok
and throws things; don’t
forget to duck!

Watch her head
spin as she tries
to get a grip
on all the lies.

Watch her heart
break, watch it crack
as she pulls knives
from out her back!

This entertain
-ment’s surely more
than you’ve ever
watched before.

Come one! Come all!
You must attend!
Today is the
final bitter end.


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