Prompt from Khara – Plum. Ah, I love this one. 


I feel…
the sun, hot,
warm on my neck,
and I hear the drone of
bees and yellow jackets
feeding from the fruit
that has dropped,
overripe from
the tree.

And the
scent? I smell
the sweet, half in-
toxicating smell of the
fruit, the very warmth of
the sun seems to heat
the sweet molecules.
I breathe
it in.

Ripe, the
color is almost
black, purple, with a
haze over the surface and
golden glints promise juicy
sweetness. But when I oh-
pen my eyes, the scrawny
supermarket fruit
isn’t tempting
at all.


2 thoughts on “Plum

    • It does match the regret I feel when I see a plum that LOOKS almost right, but I know will be bitter and sour. I want the plums from my childhood: Sweet and ripe and warm from the sun. *sigh*

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