Khara’s 30×30 prompt today was to write about “gender.” I chose to write a short essay exploring a genderless to gendered society. Don’t be afraid, we’re just thinking here. ^_^

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Worms are born with an unknown gender. Once they run across a potential mate, they turn into the opposite sex so they can start mating. What if that was what happened with people? What if we were born with no sexual organs and no expectations and no preconceived notions of what sex we were, we were simply human until we fell in love?

That would mean it wouldn’t matter what color the nursery walls were, blue, pink, neither one would indicate which sex the child was going to be, so parents could just choose a color they liked and paint away. The genderfication of babies would not exist. Parents would not automatically buy toy cars and guns for little boys and buy dolls and cook-sets for little girls. They would wait until each child showed what their interests were and go from there.

There would be no preconceived notions of what one would “be” when one grew up. If one thought to be a doctor, then all seriousness would follow, helping that child accomplish that dream. If one wanted to be a hairdresser, there would be no preconceived notion that it was a job for “girls or gay men.”

If one felt love for one sex over another, then they would mature into their gender to match what their feelings were. This makes me wonder if there would still be homosexuality. If gay couples could choose, would they not stay same-sex? And if that were the way ones body chose, how could it possibly be deemed wrong? Children would grow up knowing how they felt was okay, knowing that whoever they chose to love, their bodies would follow suit. Imagine the surety and peace that would bring.

Suppose a person chose not to love others sexually. They would then choose to become leaders in churches or in some public service, eternally genderless and content. It would become obvious if a genderless cleric chose one sex over another; they would surely be asked to leave or to serve in a different way. This way the truth of their calling would be written on their bodies.

What about movies? How would the role playing be different if humans were genderless until they chose to love? What kinds of love stories could be written?

How would people treat each other differently? Would people still shame each other for being one gender or the other? Would one gender still be seen as “better” than the other?

This topic is a fascinating one to me, and makes me curious. What ideas do you have about what would be different in this world? Yes, it may make you uncomfortable to think about, but how else do we grow and learn. Comment below if you please, and tell me what you think.


3 thoughts on “Gender

    • I don’t know, I would hope. I wonder if racial differences would still be as big a deal as they seem to be? And what about religious differences? I was pondering this idea for a Sci-Fi story I’ve been thinking about, but wondered what people would think if it was OUR reality.

      • Hmmm, Perhaps racial and religious differences would be more acute, Perhaps religion wouldn’t exist. It’s hard to predict, but a good story could explore the reality. Very interesting thoughts. You should write it!

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