“I Made a Mistake”

Day 24 of the ever popular 30×30 challenge is to write about this: “I made a mistake.” My mistake? Well, you’ll see soon enough.

On Empty

s e r e n d i p i t y

is another word for
a happy accident
a mistake
that you will

i ran out of gas
and the total strangers
that helped me
asked me to pay it forward
by helping others

and so when i do
i ask the same of those
total strangers
thus preserving the perfection
of the
one total stranger
to another


One thought on ““I Made a Mistake”

  1. Bwaaahaaahaaaaa. I hate it when I do this. And literally, it happens like every two years or so. I was hoping I’d grow out of it.

    Maybe we can blame it on our artist brains. teeheehee

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