I’ve had this poetry blog for over five years now. It’s come a long way, or rather, I think I have. The purpose for me was to learn to use words better. I have always written, and poetry has been an occasional thing, not a studied thing, not really. I always hated the pomposity that some think is aligned with making and reading poems. I wanted to try to learn to use my words more economically and learn new styles and try new things. So I started taking the poem-a-day challenge in April years ago at the Poetic Asides blog that is part of Writer’s Digest, and then the November challenge. And also, sometimes, the Wednesday prompts.

Lately I’ve been flagging a bit. I’ve been sick for over 5 weeks, have lost about 14 pounds, have not been “feeling it,” to be honest.

Tonight, I went to see which of my poet friends is the Poet Laureate from the April poetry challenge this year. It couldn’t have gone to a nicer person: The talented William Preston (PressOn at the blog). And there was a list of poets with the top 25 poems. And one of my poems was there.

I feel a teensy bit gobsmacked; the delicious tingle of appreciation was wonderful. And I don’t really feel worthy to be honest, because there are so many fantastic poets who write such stunning works. But the poem that was chosen was one I had immense fun writing.

Here is a link to “Hold that Ball” and another link to the announcement that’s left me happy and breathless. And inspired anew. April Challenge Results,

Thanks Robert Lee Brewer. 😀

And thanks to my loyal readers. You’re awesome, and I love you. (Well, I DO!)


5 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Diana! (Who will forever be “Domino” to me…)
    I was THRILLED to see your name. T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D.
    So, so well deserved, my amazing poetical friend.
    Revel in it! 🙂

    • Yes. My friend and I got some sort of bug from eating a salad. We’ve been sick ever since. Our doctors both say they can find no germ, bug, virus, bacteria, or parasite. Yet we are both still sick. Next stop, specialist. (Will be fine. The side effect of weight loss is okay, though a bit worrisome, and I’m sure I will gain it all back once I can have ice cream again.)

      ❤ Thank you for your concern. ❤

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