Dandilion hearts


Her phone is over a year old.
His well-worn shoes are over a year old.
Her boyfriend teases her over her allergies.
He is tortured by bullies. Daily.
She can’t stand her best friend’s fashion sense.
He can’t understand why what he wears is so important.
Her parents are so annoying. Every. Day.
He has no idea where his parents are.
She hates the cafeteria lunches, so she drives off campus.
He is grateful for his only healthy meal of the day.
She complains about taking the SAT, what a pain.
He wonders if he can afford the fee for his SAT.
She begrudgingly attends her clubs, her parents made her join.
He works after school to save for college.
She wants a bigger room, her sleepovers are too crowded.
He wishes he didn’t share with so many other foster kids.
She says her prayers, asking for a multitude of new items.
He prays he will make it to the end of the school year.


Written for the Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day challenge, prompt: Hardship.


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