The Other __________

The Other Shoe

I knew that things were
going a little too well.
You hear it drop too?











My Other, Better Life

The one where I made all the right choices.
I think about it all the time.
If I’d had a different childhood
and my parents hadn’t divorced.fork-in-the-road
If we’d stayed in one town, in one house
instead of moving every other year.
If I’d gone to college the way I’d planned.
If I’d married the right man the first time around.

I think with chagrin on all of the dumb decisions,
and gaffes,
and poor choices.
And think of my other life, the one where
I’d never made the mistakes I’ve made.
And for half a second I dream about how
perfect it would have been.

Until I remember how much I’ve learned
from the crazy, unpredictable, flawed life I’ve led.
Then I remember that wisdom comes from
learning from those mistakes.
And I would probably hate the shallow,
vain, insipid self I would be
without those decisions,
gaffes, and

These were written for the Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day challenge – prompt: The Other _____

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