Ekphrastic Poetry*

Not Quite a Wreck


Robert Dawson

It’s a patchwork house,
surprisingly sound,
though it looks like a relic
of things lost and found.
The roof is on piecemeal
with patches and bits
of rust covered metal
and not so much glitz.
It’s tattered and holey
and looks quite a wreck
but the glass in the windows
are whole, without fleck.
The paint job is lacking,
the wood bare and free,
and somehow remarkably
reminds me of me.


Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day challenge – Prompt: Ekphrastic Poetry.

*Ekphrastic poetry is poetry based on an image, a work of art of some sort. My poem is based on the above photo taken by Robert Dawson.


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