Happiest/Saddest Moment

Loss and Release

(Selfishly) stricken with grief
(and relief)
I’ll miss you the rest of my life.
As bad as I feel,
simultaneously, I am glad
for you.

Your last wish was to pass
when your body gave out;Letting_Go
no grave, grand measures.
(It still felt like betrayal
to not try to save you.)

And though my tears
still flow,
I can withstand the blow,
For I simply know
you are somehow okay,
you are still you
even if you can’t stay.

I weep.

You sleep, eternally.
I cannot yet imagine
life without you in it.

But your life beyond?
You get to begin it.

Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day challenge. Prompt: Happiest/Saddest Moment.

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