What ______

What Voice

What voice is loud enough/
rude enough/proud enough
to waken the world?

Individually, humans are selfish.
But with maturity (as a person/
as a species/as a race)
we can learn to look within ourselves,
deep enough/thoroughly enough/
intensely enough
to see that we are all

What one does effects all.
When one is filled with joy,
all are uplifted.
When one is brutalized
all are brought down,
multiplied by a factor of
the brutalized times the brutalizing;
one cannot do harm without
harming oneself.

People can learn that the bad
they are having
can only be improved by calming/
the anger/hate/rage/selfishness
and letting loose the

Dandilion hearts


Written for Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day Challenge, prompt: What _____.


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