Always ________

How to Succeed

Always have the answer
or know how to get it.

Always leave work at work
and home at home.

Always keep your head down
and hands busy.

Always date outside the office.

Always offer your suggestions
even over the nay-sayers’ scoffing.

Always take credit for your work
and give fair credit to others.

Always leave the tears at home
or at least in the parking lot.

Always remember other people
have bad days too.

Always thank your boss for giving you work.
Really. Do it.

Always ignore gossip and backbiting.
There is no place for it in a happy workplace.

Always keep your music too low to hear
one step away from your desk.

Always sign up for work events and activities.
It makes for better camaraderie and morale.

Always work at a job you enjoy, even love,
and will help you grow as a professional.

Always be ready with a resume
in case it’s time to move on.

Always be kind.

Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day Challenge, Prompt: Always _____.


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