Secret Message


I wrote a note with lemon juiceHeiroglyphs
with a handy piece of stick
and left it by your window
hoping it would do the trick.

I wrote a note in hieroglyphs
in a ponderous cube of stone
and put it on the side table
beside your mobile phone.

I wrote a note in numbers, next
I thought you would have the key
when you opened up a letter sent
with it inside to you from me.

I wrote a note in sky letters, skywriting
with a sky-writing plane
I waited til I thought that it
would not be done in vain.

I wrote some notes in languages
I hoped that you could read.
I wanted just to guarantee
you’d get my thoughts with speed.

But all those methods petered out
and now I’m almost through.
Perhaps it’s time I simply said
My darling, I love you.

Carrier Pigeon



Written for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day Challenge, prompt, Secret Message.


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