Written in response to “Code


I got your notes, I got your blocksHeiroglyphs
of hieroglyphicked stone.
I read your message in the sky,
and couldn’t help but groan.

I tried to crack your number code
with the key you also sent,
and accidentally spilled my tea
on your cryptic argument.

I can tell you wanted something,Broken_Heart_849
but I’m not sure just what
and I’m not saying that you’re crazy,
but you’re acting like a nut.

I wish you wouldn’t scare me so,
I kind of like your style,
and when you’re not all nervous
it’s nice to see your smile.

So tell me now, get to the point,
I need to know the score.
I wish you’d tell me darling
it’s me that you adore.

Carrier Pigeon

Written for Poetic Asides November Poem-a-Day challenge, prompt, take a poem from earlier in the challenge (that you’ve written) and remix it.


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