Fairy Tale

Impossibly longRapunzel by Arthur Rackham
for a crone
yet the only tie to
the outside world
Rapunzel’s hair
must have been full of
(no matter what Disney says)
and how she must have
willingly borne the weight
of both the crone
and her prince
because without them
she’d have been alone.

Funny what we will do
to have someone in our lives.
Funny what we will endure
when we think we have no choice.
But eventually, don’t we get to a place
where we realize
Freedom is there for the taking,
we must simply reach out
and grab.

What freedom to finally
say “no.”
To take her life
for her own,
cutting all that hair off George Henry Boughton, A Spring Idyll, 1901
and tying it down, finally
using it for herself
to make her escape.
And though Grimm
would have us believe
the witch did the cutting,
I prefer to believe
Rapunzel carpe diemed her way
into freedom and
enjoyed her life and her
normal, unladen tresses
ever after.

3 thoughts on “Hair

    • I loved this one, second only to Beauty and the Beast, but was always dismayed by the treatment of the prince, having his eyes scratched out by thorns? *shudder* I never really believed that part anyway because how could her tears have healed him? I think he just had a really bad case of pinkeye or something and exaggerated it (as princes are wont to do). ^_^

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