My ________

This may be one of the silliest things I’ve written all year. ^_^
red glasses


It’s not so bad, being as blind
(uncorrected) as I am, even though,
for instance, my nearsightedness
is so intense, doctors inevitably say
of my astigmatism, with a little laugh,
“That’s the least of your worries, honey,”
which, to be honest, can be really annoying.

Glasses and contacts are never on sale for me.
(Note, some day, the asterisk in every eyeglasses sale flyer*
*Only good for prescriptions within the realm of normalcy,
and most definitely not for freakishly blind people with
really thick glasses. Or something to that effect.)

And yes, all that glass is heavy; spectacles-graphicsfairybg
even when one pays extra for the super-thin
super-light, super-non-reflective glass,
the curvature viewed from the front,
reduces a person’s eyes to dolls eyes.

Contacts are a miracle, and allow me the freedom
of a glasses-free face. But they have their drawbacks too.
They are never in stock and must be special ordered.
And they cannot correct completely, so I admit,
I sometimes squint or put on reading glasses.

The real benefit comes when I must do tiny detail work,
pulling out a sliver, embroidering something,
a dropped stitch in knitting, checking to see if something
is in someone’s eye (besides their finger).

When I take off my glasses, the world transformssuperhero glasses
into a fairy haze of shape and color and blur,
containing all possibilities.
The microscopic world comes clear. (It works
at least as well as Sherlock’s magnifying glass.)
I can read any small print, almost indelible
to even the youngest, healthiest eye.
I can thread any needle in a single bound,
retrieve any eyelash from the brink of catastrophe!
My super-power at last comes clear.
Superman, stand aside:
Myopia=microscope vision.



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