Two poems for Tuesday. The first of April, the prompt is Beginning and Ending. Here is my try:

entering the world,Cute babies  162
giddy with each new breath.
Interested in everything and
new experiences abound.
Never dreaming the complexity,
inside and out, of our existence.
New baby’s eyes
grow accustomed to the world.

not always as sudden or as
dramatic as the entrance. Life has been
important and fulfilling to one who’s lived well.
Now is the time to relax, let go, say
goodbye, and move on to the beyond.


Holding Hands

Written for Poetic Asides April Poem-a-Day Challenge. (It’s fun. If you like writing at all, you should try.)

2 thoughts on “Beginning/Ending

  1. Hi De! It is exciting for it to suddenly be April again! ^_^ Giddy seems to be my state of being, at least in April. (Allergies aside, April is wonderful!)

    ❤ Thanks for your visit.

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