broken chalk



This is the city.
Chalk outline on the pavement.
Someone’s broken heart.


The prompt was to rewrite something in a way that is NOT your own style. This was really hard. I’ve rewritten my previous verbose poem with the utmost brevity.  (Thanks Quickly.)





10 thoughts on “Rethought/rewritten

    • OMG I Love CSI! And NCIS as well. Criminal investigation is so interesting. I’m wondering if NCIS is going to do a spinoff in New Orleans after these last two episodes… Hmm.

      • My hubby and I were just thinking the same thing!
        Since NY is gone. I Liked Scott Bakula when he was in Quantum Leap as well as the Captain of the Prequel Enterprise!!! Yeah…I’m a sci-fi fan too.

        • Me too. Sounds like you are a kindred spirit, or “of the race of Joseph.” (Quoting from the Lucy Maud Montgomery series now, but Yes, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Criminal investigation and mysteries. ALL THE STORIES!) ^_^

        • Indeed. But I have come to keep a respectable distance from horror. I stopped watching ‘Criminal Minds’ a long time ago. ‘Elementary’ is however high on the list.

          I dabble in Flash Fiction too. 🙂

    • Shrinking wasn’t the exercise, it was to Change them, change my own style. It was a much more difficult stretch than I’d like to admit. LOL

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