Stars and Constellations

light-world-in-your-hands - Public Domain

Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.
from Flying at Night, by Ted Kooser

Every drop of soul within me breathes in the idea
that above us dwell stars, and beneath us, lie constellations.
That means that we, simple souls standing on a planet
whizzing through space, are each of us as complex as the

That opens my mind to the idea that as vast and glorious
as the outerscape of planet and solar system and galaxy and
universe, there is just as vast an innerscape within
each soul that dwells here on the face of this

And when one dies, whole universes expire.
and when one is born, supernovas of life explode into


Written for Quickly‘s prompt.


4 thoughts on “Stars and Constellations

    • His work is homey and down to earth, yet there is an ethereal beauty just under the surface, like the tension on a soap bubble. He is really amazing. ^_^ And thanks De. ❤ You are ever kind. ❤

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